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Mobile Franchises: How to start your own van-based Business

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur with a valid driving license, then one of the best ways to become your own boss and earn money is by starting a ‘van-based’ mobile business. This allows you to work anywhere you wish to and is one of the most effective ways to enjoy a work/life balance and get real job satisfaction.

Whether you are interested in catering, lawn care, pet supplies or freight and delivery, the flexibility that mobile franchises provide allows you to use your vehicle as a major source of income.

For example, a study by the AA revealed that van-based businesses are worth over £35 billion to the economy. Minimum earnings of a self-employed van driver start from at least £21,000. There are also a growing number of women setting up their mobile enterprises and they account for 35% of all of these van-drivers.

However, one of the biggest challenges that many entrepreneurs face when they are setting up mobile businesses is knowing where to start. Obtaining a vehicle and working for yourself is the easiest part. The real challenge comes from building up a loyal, customer base and creating a prosperous long-term company. So what are the first steps to success in your van-based enterprises?

The first and most simple one is to look at franchise opportunities, as all the high-risk decision making has been made before, mistakes made and learnt from, improvements made to all aspects of the business until its working highly successfully, and then made available as a franchise so that you too can invest in a ready-made mobile business in a box!

Creating the right business model

Setting up a stand-alone business means you need to thoroughly research your chosen market and ascertain the level of demand, competition and profitability of your chosen niche.

You should then come up with a robust plan of action and business model that takes into account the hours you are prepared to work, your budget and profit forecasts.  Mobile Franchises will already have templates and actual experience of this process, and it will be increasingly fine-tuned the more mature the franchise network.


Once you have conducted the necessary market research into your sector, you should have a very clear idea of what the standard prices for your products are, the level of work involved and the demographics of your target customer base.

Mobile Franchises benefit from aggregated buying power, as well as a stronger brand and marketing and selling skills. So, not only will they be more effective at gaining customers, the pricing will be highly competitive but more profitable for a franchisee than compared against a stand-alone business.


Some types of mobile companies, such as catering enterprises may have a permanent location or list of areas they frequent regularly. Many ice-cream vans for example build up their customer base by following a set route every day. In other sectors such as sales or removals, the location may change from day-to-day. One thing you need to consider when setting up for the first time is any charges you may have to pay for certain sites.

You will also need to research and obtain the appropriate insurance and licensing for your industry. What you may find is that certain locations or sites have their own special licensing requirements, so be sure to do your homework on these in advance.

Lots of work involved then, and ultimately a leap of faith in where you set up your business based on your research and hope that the local demand is there. Of course, a franchise business has lots of experience and knows exactly which locations are ideal for its business and how to drum up sales. So, once again, mobile franchises present a shortcut to success as the benefits of buying a proven business system shine through.

Your Vehicle

Naturally, different types of companies will vary in the size and type of van that will be needed, and what equipment it will need to contain, and how it should be stored, accessed and utilised. When it comes to franchising, sometimes the specifics of this will be worked out for you in advance, based on prior experience and previous fit-outs.

One of the strongest advantages of franchise mobile businesses is the quality of the appearance and facilities of the branded vehicle, both inside and out. It stands head and shoulders above competitors, and shows customers that the business is highly professional and that you, the franchisee, have the right tools for the job. The branded vehicle may also be familiar to customers and a brand that they want their neighbours to see on their driveway!

A franchise is the way forward in starting your own mobile business.

This article intends to highlight just a few of the advantages of buying a franchise if you are looking at mobile businesses for your next career move. Van Franchise is the ideal site for van-based mobile franchises and business opportunities, whether owner-operated or management business models.

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