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Chris McLoughlin Joined Ovenclean in 2015

5th October 2017

After being made redundant, and with a background in catering, Chris McLoughlin joined Ovenclean in 2015.

When you’re working every hour, and feeling nothing but stress, it may be time to consider other options. This is what faced Chris McLoughlin in his role with a major supermarket as Compliance Manager. However, before Chris could act on his thoughts, he was made redundant and unexpectedly had some big decisions to make.

Ovenclean - Chris McLoughli"It was interesting timing.  I had to decide whether to move to a new role that I didn’t particularly want, whether to find a job with a new company, or try self-employment. It was at this stage that I remembered an article I’d seen in the paper. Normally I don’t read the paper, so it must have been serendipity. There was a big spread on franchising, and amongst the companies featured, was Ovenclean. With a background in catering, the prospect of cleaning ovens didn’t worry me, so I decided to investigate further.

With a background in catering, the prospect of cleaning ovens didn’t worry me at all, so I decided to investigate things further."

Chris received some initial information from Head Office, and spent a day with another franchisee, observing how things worked.

"After that, I was sold.  I liked the flexibility of the lifestyle and that you really do get out what you put in. It appealed to me that my own hard work would reap benefits for me, not for someone else!"

However, Chris’s partner had yet to be convinced.

"She’s observed my spending patterns over the years and knew that I was used to having a regular wage.  She was worried I wouldn’t adjust accordingly, and worried about me not having enough work.

However, it took just one visit to an open day to convince her! She was really impressed with the Chef Executive’s presentation. He explained how, if you follow the model, it will work when combined with application, dedication, a real work ethic and good marketing. He emphasised that it’s not for people who don’t want to work hard – but I did – that’s what I was used to, and he’s been proved right. The benefits were very quick to come and my partner and I both delighted. I should have made the move years ago!"

Chris plans to have a second van in the future, but for now, he’s enjoying running his diary as he likes and spending more time with his family. He markets regularly, enjoying a big return on his campaigns, as well as recommendations.

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