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Ecoline Wash Franchise
As a Ecoline Wash Business owner you will run your own successful Mobile Car Wash Franchise, meeting with customers either at their home, work or business to carry out a unique and rewarding steam clean and valeting service.
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership Status-
  • UK Years Established2 years
  • Current UK Coverage5%
  • Franchisee Support Staff8
  • Personal Investment Req.£6,150 approx
  • Total Startup Cost£12,300 approx
  • Home-based business locationYes
  • Business to business servicesYes
  • Business to consumer servicesYes
  • Franchisee operates individuallyYes
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Ecoline Wash Business Opportunity

Do you want to turn your life around and give yourself a challenge?

With ten year's experience in the production and marketing of steam machines, Ecoline Wash is the innovative Mobile Car Wash Franchise that is safe, efficient and 100% environmentally friendly. 

Ecoline Wash enters the market as the first Italian franchise in the industry. The brand established itself quickly and keeps expanding; it is currently has 126 units over 14 countries. 

What are the main services of the business?

Ecoline Wash Business | Mobile Car Wash Franchise

Ecoline Wash is a Mobile Car Wash Franchise. Franchisees reach customers wherever they are, without moving their car. This can be at home, at offices, at car dealerships, at car rentals, in carparks and in many more places, Ecoline Wash is a van-based fully equipped car valeting business.

Franchisees provide a highly professional service, in a completely autonomous way, since it doesn’t require water or electrical connections.

Is this a sole operator business or a multi-van management opportunity?

Initially franchisees can run a single unit franchise however there are opportunities to increase to a multi-van management opportunity.

Where would my business be based from?

Ecoline Wash is a home-based business with franchisees reaching customers with their fully equipped van providing mobile car valeting and deep steam cleaning on all kind of vehicles.

What makes this franchise stand out from competitors?

Ecoline Wash Business | Mobile Car Wash Franchise

Ecoline Wash always stand out from competitors staying one step ahead with their technical and innovative cleaning.

Thanks to the technology used by Ecoline Wash, the steam becomes a gas with incredible cleaning power and thanks to the combined function of steam and vacuum it is possible to reach a very deep cleaning without getting wet.

Their concept has always been driven by innovation together with a catchy and coordinated image, which reflects the fundamental role of communication and marketing.

What would be my main roles as a franchise owner?

Ecoline Wash Franchisees need to have a van, Ecoline Wash supplies everything necessary in terms of technical and technological tools for the success of the activity.

Ecoline Wash Business | Mobile Car Wash Franchise

Ecoline Wash Franchisees can reach their customers with their fully equipped van and provide a mobile car valeting and deep steam cleaning service on all kinds of vehicles.

With more than 40 years of experience in the world of steam, Ecoline Wash is proud to pass their know-how to franchisees, who provide high standard services respecting the environment, using only 2 litres of water per wash and having no impact on the environment.

Ecoline Wash has a strong, recognisable and coordinated image from the van to all advertising and communication, together with an advanced system of marketing.

Franchisees do not require experience but certainly require personal characteristics such as positivity, problem solving skills, determination, perseverance and customer orientation.

Whether you want to join the Ecoline Wash network opening your own franchise unit, or if you are interested in a more ambitious project of development throughout the UK as a Master Franchisee, Ecoline Wash can help you turn your activity into a successful business!

The Franchise Package Overview:

The Ecoline Wash Franchise offers:

Ecoline Wash Franchise | Car Valeting Business

  • a handy service for those who do not have time to wash their car;
  • a refurbishment of interiors of each kind of vehicle, made with steam;
  • an ecological system because it leaves no residues and steam allows great water saving;
  • a smart way to book the service, through an easy app and website;
  • a wide range of reachable customers;
  • an easy-to manage business for franchisees.

Find out more about the Ecoline Wash Business Opportunity and how you can run your own Mobile Car Wash Franchise. Click below now!

What Our Franchisees Say

We started about a year ago and today there are Audi and BMW among our customers. Our efforts have been rewarded. We have always looked for an activity that was eco friendly and independent and when we found Ecoline Wash we liked it right away.Barry and Amaia – Franchisee Ecoline Wash Bilbao - Spain

I was looking for an activity to do on my own, and I was impressed by what was possible to do with the steam of Ecoline Wash. I really liked the innovative aspect of the activity, the company is modern and is always a step forward, just look at the App that had been developed. In my area the service works, and I'm sure it would work in all the other English cities.Gentian Zeneli, Franchisee Ecoline Wash Northampton – UK

Finally what I always wanted! The mobile car cleaning with steam is what we missed here. Ecoline Wash made it possible.Rocco Sisto, Franchisee Ecoline Wash Mosbach-Schaafheim – Germany

Why Choose Us

Innovative service, from the system used to the booking tools

Ecoline Wash are an eco-freindly green business, thanks to steam and to their working technology

Solid know-how and catchy image

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